Canada Post Possible Mail Disruption

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Negotiations between Canada Post Corp. and the union (CUPW) continue under the government appointed conciliator. We are still hopeful that there will be a negotiated settlement and perceive the relative quiet in terms of comments to the media, as a sign that both parties are working in good faith to try to come to an agreement. However, the stance that CPC has taken from the beginning does lead us to believe that if a settlement cannot be reached a lockout is a real possibility.

If they do not come to an agreement by June 10th, the 21 day cooling off period would begin so mail will continue to be processed until the end of June.

  • Based on current information for Machinable mail most mailers are using between June 22nd and 24th as the last day they want to deposit mail.
  • Based on current information for Special Handling mail most mailers are using between June 20th and 21st as the last day they want to deposit mail.

We are often asked what other mailers are doing. The answer really depends on the nature of the mailing.  Some mailers are pushing mailings as quickly as possible to get out in front of a possible mail disruption, while others are getting their mail ready and then waiting to drop. Some are even considering alternate delivery methods such as couriers.

We will continue to monitor the labour negotiations and will provide updates as things develop.

If you would like to discuss your specific needs, and haven’t done so already, please give us a call any time.


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