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Every year during Holiday Season, we try to capture the spirit of the season with some fun and at the same time, showcase some of our unique production capabilities. In December 2015, we set out to exceed expectations for our 500+ clients and partners.


Our clients are some of the busiest people in their organizations, so our Holiday gift had to capture their attention immediately and get them to open it. The Bassett Direct Holiday Colouring Set was developed as a gift that could help our clients relax; adult colouring had become all the rage in 2015, with experts weighing in on its health benefits!

packagePhoto 2016-04-04, 2 04 12 PMThe package was mailed in a see-through plastic envelope. Immediately, the recipient sees a neatly positioned mini package of 5 coloured pencils. This is set in front of a Holiday Greeting Card visual that is personalized with the first name of our client. On the other side of the envelope, the recipient sees their personalized name and address and who the package is from with the teaser line, ‘How will you colour your holiday season?’

When the package is opened, the card portion opens up to reveal three festive holiday images that are accordion folded and ready to be coloured. On the back of the images, the client can see from the perforations between each card that the cards are meant to double as postcards. Once the cards are detached, the recipient can send their coloured creation to a friend or family member, thus experiencing both a relaxing break and the satisfaction of checking off someone from their greeting card list! Alternatively, the postcards can be given to our client’s children and they can colour and mail the postcards to friends and family. Judging by the feedback we received, the Holiday Colouring Set Direct Mail was a big hit!

snowmen_Page_1Production Feats

The piece is printed on uncoated card stock and lasered with duplex personalization – the client’s first name appears on the front of the package and their full name and address are on the back.

All components are hand inserted into a clear envelope and shipped using Canada Post’s Special Handling service. The clear envelope was chosen to set the package apart from other holiday greeting cards and to showcase the artwork and pencil crayons inside.


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Holiday Colouring Mailer

Learn more about the creative agency that designed this piece for us: KreativRehab




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