Case Study: Rearview Hanger

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Rearview Hanger

As a prominent Partner in the AIR MILES Coalition, Shell is frequently in the market with messaging that reminds their customer base of the miles incentives that come with purchasing fuel at Shell’s retail locations. The ‘rearview hanger’ is a great example of the exciting offers available and the engaging ways these offers are communicated to the AIR MILES Collector.


The direct mail piece was named the ‘rearview hanger’ because of the top perforated portion of the piece and its intended positioning within a vehicle as a reminder device. The piece was developed to ensure that collectors would be reminded of their targeted savings whenever they glanced at their rearview mirror. Upon receiving the piece, the collector simply needs to tear off the tag and hang the non-intrusive piece to ensure fueling up at Shell is always front of mind.

This hard-working direct mail package also includes a perforated savings card that the targeted collector can take in-store to receive their targeted roll back offer. As the card is detachable, it can be kept in the collector’s wallet or anywhere else that is convenient. To ensure a safe delivery of this part of the engagement piece, the card is roll folded into the mailer and clip sealed on both sides. The back of the mailer is then personalized with the collector’s name and address.

Hanger on Rearview

Production Feats

A production challenge with this direct mail campaign was to complete the inkjetting, die-cutting and perforating (3 separate perforated areas) without damage to the mailer. The result is a direct mail piece that is unique and compelling to look at.


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Rearview Hanger Case Study

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