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Tattoo Bounceback PackageBackground

We work with World Vision Canada on a number of different direct mail programs. Some have literally an overnight turnaround, especially if disaster has struck around the world, but some of our campaigns are also planned out ahead of time. This provides the opportunity to produce a direct mail piece that is unique, compelling & fun. World Vision Canada’s Loyalty Direct Mail, or their Tattoo Direct Mail package, is one such project.



The Tattoo Direct Mail package is mailed to individuals who have sponsored a child or children through World Vision Canada. This program encourages active participation between the sponsors and their children through letters, emails and videos to help celebrate the progress and successes that have been achieved in each child’s community.

As the objective of this mailing is to drive engagement, it was created with two different audiences in mind. The first is the sponsor. In this case, they are being asked to sign the ‘gift’ inside the package, which is a sheet of child-friendly tattoos, and to return the package to World Vision in the envelope supplied. The second audience is the child. Once World Vision Canada receives the signed tattoo holder back from the sponsor, the gifts can then be shipped in bulk to the various countries they are headed to. Thus, the child receives an interactive & fun gift AND a handwritten note from their sponsor!

Tattoo Bounceback

Production Feats

As the package itself contains such brightly coloured graphics, a clear envelope was chosen to highlight the design and increase engagement. A personalized letter inside explains the purpose of the package and provides instructions on how to return the tattoos back to World Vision Canada.

In order to make sure that the card/tattoos get to the child, the tattoo holder is personalized with the child’s name and reference number. The sponsor can also update their communication preferences by filling in a feedback form and returning the piece to Word Vision.
One of the challenges with this mailing is to ensure that the integrity of the tattoos is maintained (i.e., not bent or scratched) not only throughout the production process, but also as they travel to the sponsor and ultimately to the child.

All components of the package are lettershopped by hand and are inserted into a clear envelope and sent using Canada Post’s ‘Special Handling’ service. This helps to ensure that the package arrives to the sponsor in excellent condition.

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Tattoo Bounceback Case Study

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