The Xeikon 8600

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The Xeikon 8600

We’re the first in Canada to bring you this kind of power.

Here at Bassett Direct, we’re all about taking care of our customers. This year is our 20th anniversary, and we’re proud to be celebrating 20 years of offering the best solutions possible. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve recently installed a Xeikon 8600 Digital Press. Not only is the Xeikon 8600 one of the most powerful and versatile digital presses money can buy, we’re the first shop in Canada to install one. Here are just some of the reasons why you’ll want to use the Xeikon 8600 for your next project:

It supports unbridled creativity.

The Xeikon 8600 has unbeaten print media flexibility – from coated and uncoated paper and paperboard, to synthetic print media, to label stock. It can handle an impressive range of media weights without a crease – from 27-lb text all the way up to 350-gsm/130-lb. cover. The press also prints on both sides of the substrate simultaneously and can handle web widths of up to 20.2”.

It sets the standard for eco-friendliness.

The Xeikon 8600 uses FA and QA-P toner, which contains no solvents, so the press produces no hazardous emissions of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Xeikon-printed paper is also guaranteed to be recyclable. Bonding agents present in pre-treatment products can reduce the recyclability of printed material, but conventional paper requires no pre-treatment when used on a Xeikon. Plus, Xeikon toners score high on de-ink-ability, so recyclability is further improved.

It takes productivity to the next level.

Direct marketing is becoming increasingly trigger-based, so speed is of the essence. The Xeikon 8600 is extremely robust and reliable, with superior uptimes of up to 90%. It allows for a fast and efficient digital workflow that can be automated and integrated. Automation improves accuracy and repeatability, resulting in enhanced productivity and cost savings.

It delivers uncompromising quality.

The Xeikon 8600’s unique combination of 1200 x 3600 dpi addressability and 4 bit variable dot density offers rich color depth and subtle contrasts. For example, you can add micro text to prevent counterfeiting. Powerful screening libraries help to exploit the 1200 dpi imaging to the fullest, ensuring superior image quality.
Xeikon’s patented One-Pass-Duplex™ technology also enables perfect front-to-back registration and simultaneous double-sided printing. This means 100% data integrity, crucial for pieces containing financial information. Finally, the Xeikon 8600’s inline Web Finishing Module (WFM) makes sure your prints will last a lifetime. It applies an invisible protective layer that enhances scratch and scuff resistance, which prevents damage typically caused by finishing equipment or mail sorting systems.

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